Christmas in Royal
Posted 11 december, 2014
December has descended upon us once again, and as always we are ready with giftcards :)
Hygiene and safety
Posted 13 november, 2014
One of the danish TV channels had a program on yesterday about tattoos.

in regards to that we would like to once again show our certificats from our hygiene class. We took this class from the people thats behind the swedish system because right now there is no laws or regulations in Denmark.
We are always doing our best to tattoo under the best and safest conditions.

if you missed the programme, here is a link for you:
Posted 11 november, 2014
We have decided to have a sale on ALL of our T-shirts. We need to make room for new shirts to come soon

Only 100dkr a piece

Come get'em while they last
Posted 10 oktober, 2014
Check out our new shop Instagram at
Another Backpiece finished
Posted 20 september, 2014
Henning hard at work to finish up this lovely backpiece. Always a fun day when big projects can be finished :)
A warming little story
Posted 12 april, 2014

On this picture you can see Ron Koupal with Jette

Jette decided after she turned 80, that now she wanted her first tattoo :)
After that Jette have been back here several times, and each time she gets tattooed by Ron

We all think that Jette is totally awesome and we hope to see her here also in the future

This shows that is it never to late to get your first tattoo, and that tattooes are ment for everyone :)
Walk-in Flash Day
Posted 21 februari, 2014
March 1st the second ever flash day take place right here at Royal

this day there will be design drawn special for this event and at the fabulous price of only 1000dkr.

See more info on our fb page
skull in rose
Posted 28 januari, 2014
by stef
Posted 17 december, 2013
Henning Jorgensen got a few available spots in his calendar for 2014 for new projects

Remember that it is mainly japanese and traditional he does

Write a mail to with a describtion of what you want to get, size and placement.
Also please write if it is something smaler you want

There is only space for a few people, so remember that if you cant get in with Henning that we also have Ron and Lobinho here
X-mas and NewYears OpeningHours
Posted 17 december, 2013
The year is coming to an end
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